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Some Features that Made us Unique

Broad Selection

We believe that our ability to offer you broad range of teak garden furniture choice are critical aspect to our success. We offer various teak garden furniture model thus permit you to choose suitable product base on your specific needs.


We are committed to making sure you are satistfied with our purchase. If you found problems with our teak garden furniture, let we know and we will do our best to solve the problem.

Great Quality

We make quality become one of our higest goals. Not only a broken products will cost us to replace but they are also give bad reputation for us, which is even more costly than the product replacement.

Competitive Price

We offer you a very competitive price, without sacrificing quality for our teak garden furniture. Special offer for high order and longterm customers. Our lower cost production makes it possible to operate for less than other manufacturers.

Highly Recomended

Our products are made from the highest quality of teak woods. We took the materials from Indonesia Forestry Company which famous for the quality of the teak wood. We made perfect furniture product by employing high skilled craftsmen and using modern machines.

Positive Reviews

Our products are reaching through in many countries since they have well quality and price. At the moment, our products are reaching through Europe, America, Mediterranean and Asia.

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"we confidence that our teak furniture can be competitive and recognized in world market and
becoming one of the best choice for teak furniture products"


Kusuma Furniture Owner